Toyota Lease Return FAQs

Toyota Lease Return FAQs

When your Toyota lease comes to an end, you’ll have a few options of what to do next. Despite being a fairly quick and simple process, there’s still plenty to know about Toyota lease returns.

For drivers around Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, PA, our finance team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg has provided answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding lease returns.

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Toyota Lease Return FAQs

Where do I return my vehicle?

Your originating Toyota dealership

When do I return my vehicle?

By the end date originally agreed upon in your lease

Do I need a vehicle drop-off appointment?


What are my lease-end options?

Drop off your vehicle, purchase your current vehicle, or exchange/lease a new Toyota model

Where do I return my vehicle?

Toyota Lease Return FAQsAt the conclusion of your lease, you’ll return your vehicle to the original Toyota dealer where you started your lease. If you’ve moved since then, there’s a dealer locator you can use to find a nearby dealer.

How do I know when to turn in my vehicle?

Your vehicle drop-off date will be the date originally agreed upon in your lease. When you first sign your lease, you and a Toyota finance team member will settle on a duration and end date for your lease.

Can I return my vehicle early?

If for any reason you need to return your vehicle before the end date, you can do so. You may want to contact your local Toyota dealer if you plan to return your leased vehicle early. Early termination fees may apply.

Do I need an appointment to return my vehicle?

Yes, you should contact the finance team at your originating Toyota dealer anywhere from two to four weeks prior to your lease’s end date to schedule a drop-off appointment.

What happens if I turn in my vehicle late?

If you miss your drop-off date or fail to return your vehicle by the end of your lease, you may be subject to late fees.

How do I prepare my vehicle for return?

Toyota Lease Return FAQsThere are several steps you’ll take before you drop off your vehicle. Some of them include:

  • Consider return, purchase, or exchange options
  • Schedule an inspection
  • Assess vehicle wear and mileage

To help you through the end-of-lease process, you can also turn to Toyota’s Lease-End Guide and Lease-End Checklist.

Will there be any additional charges upon the vehicle’s return?

Hopefully, your vehicle drop-off won’t come with any additional fees or charges. However, there’s a possibility you could be charged for the following, if applicable:

  • Excess wear and damage
  • Excess mileage
  • Disposition fee
  • Past due or unpaid payments
  • Miscellaneous charges (late payment fees, taxes, tolls, etc.)

Upon returning your vehicle, you should also ensure that any current electronic payments have been cancelled.

What are my lease-end options?

Along with simply returning your vehicle to the original Toyota dealer, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase your leased vehicle or exchange it for something new. You can consider all these options as your lease reaches its end.

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