How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in Value

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in Value

As someone who calls the state’s capital your home, you know firsthand how rich history plays a role in your everyday life. While Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, PA, are full of historic sites that help this area stand out, you need a modern vehicle that will enhance your daily travels.

At Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg, we’re eager to help you upgrade your ride by trading in your current car for a new one. Wondering how you can boost your car’s trade-in value? Keep reading to learn all the secrets to getting the most out of your trade-in!

What Is a Trade-In?

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueWhen purchasing a new car, you have the option to give your current set of wheels to the dealership. Similar to selling a car, trading in offers several benefits. For starters, the value of your new car is reduced by the estimated value of your current automobile.

This allows you to enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Potential to have a lower monthly payment
  • Access to purchase a higher trim level
  • Option to add available packages and accessories

To reap these benefits, we know you want to get the most out of your car’s trade-in value. To do so, check out the tips below!

How Can I Boost My Car’s Trade-in Value?

Boosting your car’s trade-in value is easy. It all comes down to making sure your model is in tip-top shape. After all, first impressions go a long way.

Tips to Boosting Your Car’s Trade-in Value:

  • A Deep Cleaning Does Wonders: Give your car a good scrubbing, both inside and out. Make sure to vacuum those leaf bits and trail mix crumbs after your trip to Victoria Trail. Don’t forget to wash away any lingering mud on the outside, too!
  • Consider a Quick Makeover: Going the extra mile to detail your car could help further boost your car’s trade-in value. A quick makeover with polish and wax on the outside and steam-cleaning and detailing on the inside is a great idea.
  • Don’t Go Crazy With Repairs: Performing small, routine repairs—changing engine oil, filters, and wiper blades—is a great idea. Fixing any paint chips or dents may also be helpful. However, don’t go crazy with making large repairs that could cost more than you’ll get for the trade-in value.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to see a boost in your vehicle’s estimated value.

What Do Dealerships Look for With a Trade-in?

How to Boost Your Car’s Trade-in ValueThere are several things a dealership looks for when you trade in your car. First, they want a vehicle that has great curb appeal. That’s where the cleaning and potential detailing comes into play. On top of that, though, dealerships look for a vehicle that performs well in the local market.

Factors such as how popular the model is and how many people are currently searching for a particular vehicle adjust the market. Additionally, normal trends—such as time of year and region—also adjust the local market

Using online tools, like the Value Your Trade trade-in tool found on our website, is a great way to see how the market could affect your vehicle’s trade-in value.

Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value Today!

Ready to hit the streets of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in a new Toyota? Want to get the most out of your vehicle’s trade-in value? If so, then the team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg is here to help.

Keep these tips about how to boost your car’s trade-in value in mind when you’re in the prep stages, then visit our on-site finance center to maximize your car’s trade-in value today!