Grinding Noises from Brakes

Hearing noises exude from your vehicle is normal. It works hard to get you where you’re going, so there is bound to be some strange sounds that happen. However, if you hear grinding noises from brakes when you’re driving in the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle area, something could be seriously wrong.

To help you decipher what that sound is, Faulkner Toyota of Harrisburg has created this guide. Below, you will the reasons these noises are happening and what steps to take next. First, let’s talk about what you should not ignore that tell-tale sign that your car is telling you.

Why You Should Not Ignore Grinding Sounds from your Brakes 

No matter what the initial cause is, when you ignore a grinding sound coming from your brakes, it could ultimately put your safety on the line, as well as other drivers around you. Turning a blind eye to this issue could result in something overheating under your hood, or even brake failure. Don’t worry! If you get this sound checked out in the early stages, it can be fixed, leaving you with a safer vehicle.

What Causes a Grinding Noise in my Brakes? 

Over time, components in your car wear out, which is completely normal. Knowing what is causing that noise is important, so when you take it intoan authorized dealer, they can perform the proper repairs or maintenance.

Worn-Out Brake Pads

This is the most common result for grinding noise from brakes. After time, these essential parts to your braking system will lose some of their pads, causing metalto touch metal – hence that grinding sound.

Replacing your brake pads is needed every about every 50,000 miles, so this is an easy fix, but when it’s left untreated, your brakes could suffer from some serious damage.

Objects Between Your Rotor & Caliper 

Although dust, dirt, and grime can sometimes make their way into your brakes, when there is a rock or other small object, it can become lodged. Though this might seem like a silly issue, it can actually impair your system if not removed.

If you cannot see an object stuck in your braking system but think that may be the cause, schedule a brake service appointment and a professional can safely remove the item for you.

Worn-Out Rotor Disks

Another important aspect of your braking system isthe rotors. Since these guys stop the wheel from spinning, allowing you to stop, they can wear down fast, especially without regular maintenance. When this happens, that annoying grinding could be accompanied by a vibrationin the brake pedal.

Unlubricated Caliper Bolts 

When there is not enough lubrication around your caliper bolts, it could result in a sharp grinding sound when you’re trying to stop. To fix this, visit your authorized service center and an auto technician will either add lubrication or replace the bolts entirely.

Schedule Brake Service at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg Today!

Driving in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle with a possibly faulty vehicle is never a good idea. That is why, if you hear grinding noises from brakes, visit our dealership right away. Our certified technicians will diagnose the issue and repair the issue in no time, leaving you to safely drive once again.