Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer Elizabethtown PA

Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer Elizabethtown PA

Finding yourself a new-to-you set of wheels is an exciting journey to begin… But where do you start it? Well, if you’ve been wondering, congratulations—you’ve come to just the right place. Allow us to introduce ourselves; we’re the team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg, otherwise known as your go-to certified pre-owned Toyota dealer near Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

Here, we’re all about setting you up with a pre-owned machine that you’ll love. To learn more about our inventory and what makes it special, read on.


Is Certified Pre-Owned Different from Used?

Is Certified Pre-Owned Different from Used?A common question we get is, “what’s the different between certified pre-owned, or CPO, and used cars?” They’re both pre-owned, aren’t they? While yes, that is the case, certified pre-owned cars come with their own litany of perks, specifically because they pass a strict multi-point inspection.

This inspection isn’t to determine whether or not the car is in shape to drive—because our used cars are in great condition, too—but rather to see how new it is, what its mileage level is, and so on. When these specific standards are reached, a car is granted the title of “Certified Pre-Owned.”



An Inventory for You

An Inventory for YouNow comes the fun part: diving into our CPO inventory! When you explore our selection of available vehicles, what are you looking for? Something spacious, like the RAV4 or 4Runner, or a sleeker, sportier set of wheels, like the Camry?

No matter what you’re on the hunt for, you’ll find it on-site. We have all the above options and more, ranging from bigger machines to athletic, compact rides. You can take these for a test run when you arrive on-site at our dealer—so, what are you waiting for? Call us to schedule one!




Finance a Certified Vehicle

Finance a Certified VehicleOne of the biggest perks about shopping for a certified pre-owned set of wheels is that fact that CPO rides have a tendency to come at a lower rate than new cars. This is because they’re pre-loved, of course, but they’re also near-mint, which gives drivers like you an edge.

When you’re ready to begin the process of financing the car, you’ll go over a variety of options with our finance experts. They’ll talk to you about leasing (yes, you can lease a certified pre-owned ride), buying, as well as whether trading in your current set of wheels is an option. When you do the latter, the value can be used as a down payment on your next car.

You can also get ahead of the game by applying for financing online.

Shop CPO with Us Today!

Now that you know what to expect from our certified pre-owned Toyota dealer near Elizabethtown, PA—as well as what CPO means for our rides—what do you think? Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’ll love? If so, you know what to do.

Interested drivers should get in touch with our team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg. We’ll be here to help, every step of the way, throughout your used car buying process. Contact us, visit our website, or come see us in person today to get started.