Community Spotlight: Vickie’s Angle Foundation

Community Spotlight: Vickie’s Angel FoundationNo one should ever have to face cancer alone. That’s the core belief behind Vickie’s Angel Foundation (VAF). Founded in 2003, this 501 (c) (3) non-profit helps families currently battling this life-threatening illness, so they can focus on what’s most important: a full recovery.

We love to shine a light on local organizations making a difference. To see how you can become one of Vickie’s Angels, continue reading our special spotlight.

What Does Vickie’s Angels Do?

Community Spotlight: Vickie’s Angel FoundationDesigned to lighten the financial load placed on families fighting cancer, VAF helps to pay the basic non-medical necessities, including rent/mortgage payments, car repairs, food expenses, and utilities.

By covering some of these costs, it allows recipients to allocate more of their money toward medical bills. Since 2003, VAF has raised over $3 million in donations, 100% of which has gone to thousands of families throughout Harrisburg and the surrounding nine counties in central Pennsylvania.

How Does it Work?

Community Spotlight: Vickie’s Angel FoundationFamilies in need of a helping hand can secure an application through the VAF website or by calling the organization at (717) 774-3800.

Every Tuesday, an evaluation team will contact each family to determine how they can best serve their immediate needs. All bills covered by VAF are made to the vendor (landlord, bank, insurance company, etc.) with a copy of the payment later sent to the family.

How Can You Get Involved?

Do you want to be someone’s Guardian Angel? There are many ways you can make a difference. The most obvious is through a one-time or reoccurring donation. Remember: 100% of online donations goes directly to families in need.

Private individuals and organizations can also sign up to hold their own fundraisers. This can be as simple as hosting a dinner party, conducting a bake sale, or organizing a charity sporting event.

People who’d like to donate a little bit of their time are welcome, too! VAF is always seeking volunteers to help with on-going fundraising events, distributing literature, and helping with light office duties.

Who Is Vickie?

In simplest terms, Vickie is an angel. She was also a loving soul to her husband, Mickey Minnich, and their two sons, Michael and Jason. In 2003, Vickie returned to heaven after a short but fierce battle with cancer.

That year, Mickey and his two sons hosted their first Vickie’s Angel Walk to honor their late wife and mother. In the 16 years since their first fundraiser, thousands of families throughout Central PA have experienced Vickie’s love and generosity. It’s a legacy that the Minnich family and countless other Angels continue to keep alive.

Make a Difference Today!

If our community spotlight has left you inspired, you can learn more about Vickie’s Angel Foundation by visiting them online.

To stay informed about upcoming events and other important news, make sure to also follow them on social media.