Community Spotlight: Urban Churn

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Community Spotlight: Urban Churn

Craft ice cream is a big deal these days, and at Urban Churn, you’re getting hand-churned, unique flavors using locally sourced and all-natural ingredients. Their shop is a small one, but it is quaint and welcoming.

It’s a great place to go to experience a different kind of dessert.

The Story of Urban Churn

The story of Urban Churn begins in 2013 when the owner Adam Brackbill noticed that there weren’t many ice cream parlors in Harrisburg. Since he had experience making ice cream for family functions, he began upgrading his recipes and adding unique flavors like Chocolate Guinness, maple bacon waffle, and others.

Adam knows that ice cream brings families together, creates memories, and creates a smile whenever it’s eaten. It’s ideal for a family treat or any event or gathering. Ice cream is a great American tradition, and Adam wants to bring that tradition back in a very old-fashioned way, but with flavors you’ve never had before.

Like his ice cream, his shop is humble. The ice cream is made every Monday fresh, with constantly rotating flavors. It offers a quaint and down-home atmosphere where everyone is welcome, and everyone leaves happy.

The Difference That Tradition Makes

Community Spotlight: Urban ChurnTheir ice cream is churned in small batches, with meticulous attention to detail on each batch and using hand-built Amish churns and age-old traditional methods. It’s even hand-poured into containers. This method involves salt, ice, and churning via electronic and mechanical motors instead of electronic freezing and stainless-steel computerized equipment.

Though the motors are mechanized instead of the churns being operated by hand, the method is very much the old-fashioned, traditional means of crafting ice cream. This method results in a unique texture that goes ideally with the unique flavors on offer. The ice cream uses all-natural ingredients; you’ll find no artificial flavors or colorings here.

Window or Curbside Pickup

The shop has several unique ways to get your ice cream order, whether it’s at the window, online, or by phone for pickup. The menu changes all the time, often with as many as 16 or more flavors on tap and ready to go. There are three ways to order:

1.      Place a weekly pre-order pint for pickup. You can order between Sunday and Wednesday and pick up Thursday through Saturday. This allows you to skip the line, get discounts, and get access to exclusive flavors.

2.      Walk-up orders are available with a menu outside. Just decide what you want, ring the doorbell, and a keeper will come out to take your order.

3.      Drive up and place a mobile order from your car. They’ll prepare it right there and bring it out to you at the curb.

Visiting Urban Churn

Urban Churn is putting a twist on tradition with some creative ice cream flavors. Grab a scoop today to beat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth.

To learn more about Urban Churn, check out their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

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