Community Spotlight: SweeTreats Bakery

March 19th, 2021 by

SweeTreats Bakery

We won’t sugarcoat it: Entrees are great, but there’s nothing we love more than dessert. When the treat is gourmet and made from scratch, it simply moves us to tiers!

At Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg, we’d like to highlight one of our favorite spots to satisfy our sweet tooth: SweeTreats Bakery. Although this local favorite kneads no introduction, we can’t wait to show you why SweeTreats has what it bakes.

For Old Time’s Cake

SweeTreats BakeryThink back to your childhood. Did you ever play house? Imagine what it would be like to bake in your very own kitchen one day?

As a batter of fact, that’s exactly what happened to Wendi, the owner of SweeTreats. With the help of her Easy Bake Oven, young Wendi would bake cake after cake for her family to enjoy. As she grew up, her passion for baking transformed into SweeTreats.

In 2004, SweeTreats was established in Portland, OR, as a “cottage bakery,” selling only specialty cakes and cupcakes. The bakery grew quickly as it accumulated high-profile clients, such as Intel and Nike.

However, Mechanicsburg wanted a slice of the action, so the bakery packed up its kitchen and traveled across the country to its current West Shore Farmers Market home base. Now the bakery caters to any sweet tooth craving: pies, cheesecake, banana pudding. . .you name it!

Although the store has changed drastically since its inception, one thing remains the same—its commitment to off-the-tarts baked goods!

A Batch Made in Heaven

SweeTreats BakerySeriously dough, have we mentioned how amazing their menu is? First of all, everything is prepared fresh and baked on site to ensure the best quality possible.

SweeTreats offers a rotating dessert menu filled with regional favorites, standard treats, and everything in between. Try their homemade Cannoli fillings, freshly sliced Banana Pudding, or individually wrapped Hand Pies for some serious flavor.

Have special dietary restrictions? No problem: SweeTreats carries a variety of certified gluten-free and keto desserts, including their popular Crème Brulee.

No matter what your tastes are, you’re sure to find something you’ll like. After all, they offer more than 100 cupcake flavors, with over a dozen different varieties in shop every week.

Make Your Dreams Crumb True

Obsessing over these sweets is easier bread than done, so that’s why we recommend you stop by SweeTreats to get your fix! Stop by their stall at the West Shore Farmers Market and be sure to follow them on social media for more information. Satisfying your sweet tooth is a piece of cake!

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