Community Spotlight: Susquehanna Art Museum

Susquehanna Art Museum

While nearby places like Philadelphia and Baltimore draw world-class art exhibitions, it doesn’t mean you have to devote a day’s worth of driving to experience the remarkable. In fact, you might not even need to leave your neighborhood.

Nestled inside Harrisburg’s Midtown neighborhood, the Susquehanna Art Museum (SAM) is a beacon for both artists and art lovers throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.

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Exhibitions and Events

Susquehanna Art Museum

As you approach the Susquehanna Art Museum from the corner of North 3rd and Calder Streets, you’ll see its building is an amalgamation of classical meets mid-century modern design. When you realize part of the building once served as the neighborhood’s bank, the choice of location feels apt.

Not only does the SAM hope to be a place where the old and the new come together, it—much like a bank— also provides a solid foundation for the region’s art community.

As a non-collecting museum, all exhibitions are part of a meticulously coordinated program. This makes the galleries feel like living spaces and encourages guests to return over and over again!

To best serve the community living outside Harrisburg, SAM also hosts special virtual events throughout the calendar year. These online meetups allow guests to interact with artists in an intimate yet socially distanced environment.

Educational Opportunities at SAM

Susquehanna Art Museum

Have a budding Picasso in your home? Perhaps you want to develop a new medium or simply want to gain a better appreciation of the fine arts. Whatever your age, experience, or interest level, SAM offers a program for you!

Monthly instructed classes, from life drawing and creative writing to art history discussions, are available throughout the calendar year. Young artists can also take part in SAM’s annual Young Artist Camp or join the museum’s Saturday Morning Art Club.

During the school year, SAM also hosts special tours and programs for local schools, church organizations, and private youth clubs.

Become a Member!

The arts are a living, ever-evolving movement. So, why not get moving? To discover the benefits of becoming a member, be sure to visit Susquehanna Art Museum online.

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