Community Spotlight: Mid St8 Taco

Can we be honest for a minute? We here at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg don’t get Taco Tuesday. Sure, eating tacos every Tuesday sounds “estupendo!” We even like its alliteration.

It’s just, why do we have to relegate eating tacos to only once a week? Why not Taco Wednesday? Taco Sunday? Taco Every Day?

We’re not alone in our thinking. In fact, we know people who actually love tacos more than we do––and we love eating tacos. That’s why this month, we’re devoting our community spotlight to our friends at Mid ST8 Taco.

Continue reading before ordering up some Carne Asada today and don’t forget to check out their social media to learn more about this local spotlight.

From Oaxaca to West Shore

Anyone worth their weight in flautas knows the best tacos come from little lunch trucks parked near a busy shopping plaza. Essentially, tacos are street food made for hungry people on the go.

While year-round outdoor eating is available in Salina Cruz, Central PA’s snowy winters tend to keep people inside. To solve this problem, Mid ST8 Taco decided to open a stand inside Lemoyne’s West Shore Farmer’s Market. Similar foot traffic, minus the frostbite.

Owned and operated by renowned local chef Pippa Calland, she blends her culinary expertise and passion for Central American cuisine into bite-sized portions.

A Menu Worth Guac-in’ About

Starting early in the morning, you can hear the sound of tamales and corn tortillas being made by hand. More importantly, you can smell the fresh ingredients wafting throughout the market’s high ceilings.

From succulent gulf shrimp to super traditional beef tongue tacos, Mid St8 provides a little something for every palate. They even provide delicacies you won’t find at your chain Mexican restaurant, like sopes, posole stew, and Champurrado hot chocolate.

Share a Tray With Your Friends

Hosting a tailgate party? Why not skip the traditional burgers and potato salad for something truly delicioso?

Able to cater groups ranging from 10 to 100, Mid St8 can make your fiesta one to remember.

Don’t Just Taco ‘Bout It

As we wrap up this month’s community spotlight, we hope you’ll take our advice and give this local eatery a try!

To stay up to date on their changing menu, hours of operation, and more, make sure to like them on social media today!