Change a Tire on Your 2017 Toyota Tacoma with This Step-By-Step Guide

April 5th, 2017 by

Trucks provide variety – in cab style, bed length, trim level and more – which is one of the reasons they are such a popular choice for consumers. The midsize segment offers many worthwhile choices, one being the 2017 Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma offers everything truck lovers want, like power, strength and an attractive interior with user-friendly technology. But where the Tacoma truly stands out is in its rugged off-road capability. One Tacoma trim providing the most adventurous appeal is delivered by the TRD Off-Road. The TRD Off-Road trim features strong go-anywhere gear, including:

All-terrain tires
Bilstein shocks
Locking rear differential
Crawl control

While all of these things make the latest 2017 Toyota Tacoma ready for adventure, you also need to be prepared for whatever may happen when venturing on muddy and rocky terrains. One thing you may experience is a flat or blown tire – a dangerous problem on road, but especially dangerous when far away from helping hands. Luckily, changing a tire is one of the simplest maintenance services there is and can easily be taken care of by yourself. To learn this vital maintenance service, check to the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Secure vehicle. Before tackling your bad tire, you first need to secure your 2017 Toyota Tacoma so it won’t move. Though you may be on rocky, uneven terrain, it’s important to avoid changing a tire on an incline or hill, so if possible, find a flat surface, even if it means driving on a flat tire. To secure your truck, use bricks, wooden wedges or metal wheel chocks to block the wheels. Whichever item you use, be sure to place them at the opposite end of the car from the end that is to be raised.

Step 2: Remove wheel cover. Once your car is secured, use a screwdriver to remove the wheel cover.

Step 3: Loosen lug nuts. Using a wrench that fits the lug nuts on your truck, turn it counter clockwise to loosen each lug nut. *Do not fully remove lug nuts at this time, only loosen them. They will be removed during a later step.

Step 4: Raise your truck. Grab your jack and place it securely under the edge of your truck. Consult your owner’s manual for an exact visual location as to where to place it. Then, use nice, even strokes to move the jack handle from its lowest point to highest point until your truck is raised about six inches off the ground.

Step 5: Remove flat tire. Using your hand, completely unscrew lug nuts and remove them. *Be sure to put them in a safe spot they don’t roll away. Once removed, grasp the tire with both hands and pull it straight toward you until it clears the end of the bolts and is fully removed from the wheel. Roll the flat tire aside.

Step 6: Put on spare tire. Taking your spare tire, slide it onto the wheel, lining it up with the lug nut bolts.

Step 7: Replace lug nuts. Get your wrench and lug nuts that were previously removed. Screw lug nuts back into place by hand. Don’t fully tighten them at this point.

Step 8: Lower your truck. Now you can lower your jack until your truck is back on the ground. Once done, use your lug wrench to firmly tighten all lug nuts as tight as possible.

Step 9: Replace wheel cover. The final stop in changing a tire is to replace your wheel cover. Simply line it up and pop it back on. Avoid hitting it with a wrench or hammer because you may dent it.

For more information on the 2017 Toyota Tacoma and for all your automotive maintenance needs, visit our dealership in Harrisburg, PA.

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