Certified Pre-Owned Dealer near Carlisle PA

Certified Pre-Owned Dealer near Carlisle PA

Looking for a new-to-you ride that excites? We know that the used vehicle market is expansive, and finding your ideal set of wheels can take some time. That’s why our team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg is here to help you along your journey. We’re your certified pre-owned dealer near Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and we want to assist you throughout the car-buying process.

From the difference between used and certified pre-owned to our selection for you, we’ve got the answers to all your most pressing questions. Read on for more information.

What’s the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?

Toyota CorollaWe’re sure that you’ve encountered plenty of different terms along your used car-buying journey, including (but certainly not limited to) phrases like “Certified Pre-Owned” or “CPO.” But what does that mean, exactly? What’s the differentiation?

Certified pre-owned and used vehicles are both, in fact, pre-owned. However, the difference in title is granted by the standards that CPO cars reach. This means below a certain age—typically four-some years—as well as a lower mileage rating.

CPO rides have to pass a strict multi-point inspection that grants them such a coveted name, and it also offers them a manufacturer-backed warranty.

Why Should I Buy CPO?

When it comes down to making the decision between used, CPO, and new, really, it’s up to you, the driver. There are a variety of perks that come with each, but what matters is choosing the plan that best suits your lifestyle in the long run. What would that look like, for you?

Some drivers might prefer shopping certified pre-owned rides because of the extra sense of peace it brings with you on the go. Of course, there’s the aforementioned manufacturer-backed warranty to count on, but there’s also the near-mint condition and the advantages that come with lower mileage ratings.

In a similar vein, because the bulk of depreciation in a new vehicle typically occurs over the course of the first two years (if not just one), the state your CPO ride is currently in will remain fairly static. You can count on a top-tier drive for longer.

Our CPO Inventory for You

Toyota CamryWhen it comes time to get behind the wheel of a CPO ride, you’ll find a multitude of options available on our lot. It totally depends on what you’re looking for in a car—and remember, you don’t have to come to us with specificity in mind. Whether you have a particular model or simply a feature you’d like to see, let us know. We’ll find a ride that fits those parameters.

Otherwise, you can explore our available inventory. If you like sleek, compact cars, you’re sure to enjoy the athleticism that comes with our CPO Toyota Corolla or Camry; but if larger vehicles are more your speed, try out our certified pre-owned Toyota RAV4.

Shop Our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Today!

As you can see, CPO vehicles offer a litany of perks to different kinds of drivers. If you think you’d like to try them out for yourself, you know who to call—get in touch with our team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg. We’re proud to be your go-to certified pre-owned dealer near Carlisle, PA, and we want to help. When it comes time to test drive your next favorite ride, we’ve got the options you’re searching for.

Visit our website, contact us, or come see us in person to drive our CPO vehicles today!