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Toyota RAV4

Shopping used cars is an adventure in itself. There’s an expansive selection of vehicles to choose from, and even more to peruse than in the current year of new car models—but where do you start in your used vehicle search? Our team at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg knows there’s a lot to choose from, and we want to assist. We’re your certified pre-owned dealer near West Shore, Pennsylvania, and we’re ready to help you find your ideal new-to-you ride.

From our selection to our clear walkthrough of what makes Certified Pre-Owned special, you’re sure to find something you love. Read on for more information.

What’s the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?

Toyota CorollaUsed and Certified Pre-Owned rides—otherwise known as “CPO”—are both used. That much is naturally clear by the name. But what makes CPO rides special, if they’re both pre-owned? The answer is in the numbers.

Certified Pre-Owned rides undergo a very strict inspection to determine whether they’re worthy of the title. What determines this is the mileage rating, for one, on top of the actual age of the vehicle (less than four years is a go!), and so on. CPO cars even earn themselves a manufacturer-backed warranty, which is a reason many choose to opt for them.

Some drivers prefer that feeling of security on the road … and that could be you, too, if you shop CPO.

Why Should I Buy CPO?

Just as there are a multitude of reasons one might buy used, there are just as many for buying CPO—in fact, there might be more, because of the aforementioned perks. For one, Certified Pre-Owned offer a certain kind of comfort and security on the go, which is definitely a reason why many drivers like them.

Likewise, when you’re driving a used car, one of the clear advantages is that you don’t have to anticipate a drop in performance. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles run well consistently, especially as the bulk of depreciation occurred prior to being driven by you. That means that stellar performance is there to stay, so long as you keep your ride in tip-top shape.

Check Out Our CPO Inventory

Toyota RAV4When you arrive at our dealer, one of the first things you’ll notice is our expansive selection. No matter what you’re looking for, there is plenty to explore and enjoy. What stands out to you, first?

If you’re a fan of athleticism, you’ll love our Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Corolla. This machine is not only sleek and sporty, but comfortable, too. Enjoy the improved fuel economy that comes with front-wheel drive, and see what it feels like on the go.

Maybe you’d prefer something larger. If that’s the case, try out our Certified Pre-Owned Toyota RAV4—this machine has all the cargo room you need to take on your next weekend getaway.

Shop CPO Rides With Us

Now that you know all about CPO vehicles and what they have to offer, are you ready to get behind the wheel? If so, you know who to call. Get in touch with us at Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg. We’re your certified pre-owned dealer near West Shore, PA, and we want to help you find your dream ride.

Interested drivers in the area should get in touch with us. We’re ready to assist you, every step of the way. Contact us today!