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Must-Know Facts about Kids and Car Safety
The 2016 Toyota Corolla offers a lot of charm with its nice curves, high fuel economy, generous interior size and user-friendly controls. It also provides safety for its passengers with solid equipment, features and high crash test scores. But, cars can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to ensure all passengers, especially children, are buckled in properly and securely. You may think you know all there is to know about car safety, but here are a few facts that may surprise you.

Most accidents occur near the home
The car crashes the public hears about most are newsworthy ones that deal with fast speeds, interstates and gore. But, most automotive accidents that involve children actually occur on local, residential roads during routine trips to school, daycare and the grocery store. This being said, it is vital to take the same precautions behind the wheel whether going on a five-minute or three-hour drive.

Always buckle your child’s safety belts no matter how far you are traveling.

Always buckle your own seatbelt. Kids learn by example. Not to mention, your safety is just as important.

Kids four to eight years old are at an increased safety risk
Is your child between the age of four and eight? Here’s a newsflash for you. Between the ages of four and eight, children are more likely to be injured in a car than kids under the age of four. Why is this age category at an increased safety risk?

Parents tend to slack off some in car safety as their children get older.

Only 20 percent of kids between four and eight ride in booster seats as they should.

Parents allow their children to ride in the front seat too early. (Kids under 13 years old should always ride in back.)

“Family” SUVs aren’t safer
SUVS are well-known for being “family” vehicles. Other than offering more space for passengers and car and some family-oriented features, the family aspect basically stops. Test crashes prove that SUVs are no safer than ordinary sedans. In fact, SUVs may be at a disadvantage in safety because they are more likely to roll over than other vehicles. This is especially true in single-vehicle accidents like flipping over a guardrail or during a fast turn.

Non-traffic automobile accidents are just as dangerous
It’s easy to think that car accidents only occur when in traffic, but non-traffic automotive accidents are just as dangerous. Over 200 kids are killed each year in non-traffic automobile accidents. Most all are due to children being left in the car unattended.

Safety Outside Cars
Ensuring your child is safe inside your car is just as crucial as keeping them safe outside of your car. Near 400 kids age 15 and under are killed each year when hit by a moving car. Always be watchful and hold your child’s hand when near busy roads, in parking lots, etc. You can never be too careful, so be vigilant and also teach your children important safety rules.

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