Best Spin Studios Harrisburg, PA

It’s that time of year again, folks. After all the gorging, sipping, and snacking we have done throughout the past couple months during season festivities, it’s time to get back on track. What’s the best way to shed those pounds some of us have put on during the holidays? We think it’s living that spin lifestyle.

This is why we have found the best spin studios near Harrisburg to help you get started. So, tie up those athletic shoes and grab your sweatband, because it’s time to do some spinning.

Central Penn Fitness & Aquatics

Best Spin Studios near Harrisburg, PAHailed as Harrisburg’s “best-kept secret” in the fitness world, Central Penn Fitness and Aquatics is here to show you a spinning class that you’ve never seen before. Taught by talented and motivational instructors, their cycle and cycle pump classes are ideal for beginners or seasoned vets.

These give you a high-calorie burn while working muscles all over your body. Get ready to sweat! Check out their Facebook page to learn more.

Harrisburg Area YMCA

The Harrisburg YMCA offers a low-impact class that focuses on building strength in your legs and burning those off those holiday calories. The Spinning Program is to be taken at your pace and those of any skill level are free to join.

Intro to Spinning and Spinning Lite are both available, the first being a 30-minute class where you’ll be taught the fundamentals. Spinning Lite is 45-minutes and includes a warm-up and cool-down period. Learn more on the Harrisburg Area YMCA Facebook page.

Rhythm Studio

If you’re looking for a non-traditional spinning class, Rhythm Studio is the place to be. They offer a bevy of courses that keep you moving with intense workouts that are also fun.

Their RhythmRide class is said to be a dance party on a bike, sure to tone areas you might not even know existed. They also offer a Spin/Barre Fusion course that combines the above class with barre work to sculpt muscles and burn fat. Head over to the Rhythm Studio Facebook page to learn more.

Let’s Get Fit!

Now that you know our picks for the best spin studios near Harrisburg, you’re ready to reach your goals and live healthily. Have fun spinning!