Benefits of Trading in Your Car

Benefits of Trading in Your Car

Drivers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or Carlisle, PA, in the market for a new ride, you’re probably thinking about whether to trade in your current one. It’s an important decision and deserves close consideration.

At Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg, we’re here to help you understand the benefits of trading in your car. Take a look before scheduling your next visit to our dealership.

What Are the Benefits of Trading in Your Car?

Benefits of Trading in Your CarIf you’re like most drivers, you probably plan to finance your next vehicle. Trading in your current car can help reduce the overall amount of your loan. This can also lower monthly payments or, in some cases, allow you to upgrade into a higher trim level.

The other major benefit to trading in your car has to do with time and convenience. Private sales can often take weeks or sometimes months to complete. From posting to multiple sites and haggling with buyers to filling out heaps of paperwork, private sales can delay you from purchasing your dream car.

Trading in your car removes the wait time. You can simply pull up, receive an estimate, and apply it towards your next Toyota.

How Do You Determine a Trade-In Price?

No matter its age or condition, your car has a specific fair market value. By trading in your car to us, you can roll that monetary value into the purchase of a new, used, or certified pre-owned Toyota.

How do we determine its fair market value? Our team of appraisers will thoroughly inspect your car while also considering other details like:

  • Accident/service history
  • Odometer reading
  • Local market demand
  • Local supply
  • Open recall notices or major damage

Can I Trade-In My Car With an Existing Loan?

In most situations, yes! If your current lender still holds your car’s title, our finance team can arrange to have your remaining balance paid off. Our finance team will then apply the positive balance of your trade towards your next loan.

Alternatively, if the value of your trade is less than the payoff amount, we’ll roll the remaining balance into your new auto loan.

Essentially, this means you don’t always have to wait to purchase a new car if you’re still making payments on your current one.

How Can I Maximize My Trade-In Quote?

Benefits of Trading in Your CarEveryone wants to secure the highest possible quote for their trade-in. The best way to snag a great price starts with staying up to date with its routine service. An older car that’s been properly maintained can sometimes receive a better price than a younger car with a spotty service history.

If you’re hoping to receive the max offer, we suggest following our simple game plan:

  • Get an Inspection. A certified technician can identify and fix any minor issues which might appear during your appraisal.
  • Make it Sparkle. Make a special trip to the car wash. You also should clean the interior space and remove all personal items from the cabin and cargo areas.
  • Request a Vehicle History Report. To aid your negotiation, take a moment to gather receipts and do your homework.

Now Is the Time To Upgrade!

At Faulkner Toyota Harrisburg, we help thousands of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, Pennsylvania, drivers swap their ride for a new Toyota.

When you’re ready to make a trade, contact us online or stop by our convenient location today!