Aaca Museum Harrisburg, PA

AACA Museum

Automobiles have changed our way of life for generations. The founders of the AACA Museum understood the importance of sharing vehicle history and created a place for everyone, young and old, to connect with each other across the ages.

Whether you’re interested in automobile history or just looking for a glance into the past, the AACA Museum has something for you.


Before it opened in 2003, the AACA Museum was the passion project of a group of automobile hobbyists. With the goal of preserving and presenting automobile history, they spent years of dedication assembling an incredible collection of cars, buses, motorcycles, and more.

It’s now ranked among the top automotive museums in the world and has been named a Smithsonian Affiliate. The AACA Museum offers a rare experience that invites you to bring along your friends and family. It allows you to see pieces of history through exhibitions from the 1890s to the 1980s and encounter vehicles from your or your family’s past.

Exhibitions for the Grown-Ups

Through exhibits designed around time periods and locations, you’ll get to step back into the past and be reminded of what the world was like when a particular vehicle was last on the road. As you explore eight decades and visit locations from New York to San Francisco, you’re likely to find a car that reminds you of your childhood or stories your family told about theirs.

You could even visit the Remembering Road Maps Display about a time before smartphones and GPS. If you bring the kids, you can amaze and maybe even alarm them when they learn how we found our way around in the old days!

Experiences for the Kids

Old Car Horn

With many interactive areas for the kids, there’s plenty to keep them engaged. You can show them the Horn Button Display with over 80 horn buttons from the 1940s to the 1960s. Let them experience some of the fun, unique, and strange car horns that have existed over the years.

You might both enjoy the Assembly Line Experience that will teach you about the evolution of vehicle production through fun interactive activities. You can challenge yourself to build a vehicle on your own or as part of a team and get firsthand understanding about why the assembly line evolved.

Adults and children alike are sure to have a fun and memorable experience!

Check Out the AACA Museum

The AACA Museum is a wonderful way to connect to your past and bond with your kids. Check out their Facebook page to find out about new exhibits you might be able to see and get ready to drive in!